Sunday, March 8, 2009

My view about love

I read it somewhere in the internet.It says " I dont understand why ppl waste love when they have someone who love them"

Dear writer, from ur statement there..why shud we choose someone who we dont love but love us?what right/law to justify that we shud sacrifice our love just to cherish the one who love us? why?im sure the person who wrote those sentences doesnt think much. The writer just being emotional for his/her feelings or his/her surroundings.

So,if we cant find sumone who loves us n also we love them, then we can sacrifice one..but..i guess, its a very hard thing to do. Another thing, keep trying to find love.

Quoted from asrul's blog :Love is just a word until u find sumone to giv it definition

Sunday Sunway Sunny day

                            Acik Zaza                         Acik Farah
                                Whosane                            Din

Thx to Farah n Zaza who came all the way from johor.And Husain who came from shah alam.

Farah : One of my gengs/bestfrens. Known her since my matriculation session. 
Zaza : Farah's syndromes partner in UTM.
Husain : One of my gengs/bestfrens.Met since my matriculation session.Bestbuddy

They seems to have the same character.yup..Both of them loves pink of coursse..n lots more..

We went to sunway pyramid..have our brunch there at kenny rogers. Oh ya..i forgot to mention..din, my housemate also tags along.So, make it 4 that went to sunway pyramid. They all were very nice n caring..haha..we all ordered our meal..n guess wat..all of us shared our meal together. They call it "Sharing is Loving". I think i heard bout "Sharing is Caring".nvm bout those phrases. We laugh alot..even while playing "Hangman" in my phone. Well..i guess i cant do this with anyone.Zaza won the title "Best player" because she solve it while didnt make any error.Is there any award?nope.. ^_^

*Hangman- a game where we fill the blanks with letters to solve a word puzzle

Then,we had a chatwalk while Farah n Zaza searching for their "ee-ame"  shoes/sandals. I asked them whats "ee-ame" cos i never heard that brand before..They explained, Its a phrase actually..from the expression " eee..sama".Haha.. So they were thinking to buy a pair of same design+colour+style shoe or sandals for each of them. While searching for THE shoe,me n din bought one "cheap giordano GP sale" shirt. 

The shoes then are found. Me n din just follow both of the girls to withdraw their money. Till husain msg that he just arrive there.So we meet husain near the Ice-skating ring.  Husain actually is on his way from port dickson to shah alam when we told that we want to meet him. He took the bus+LRT all the way from shah alam to sunway pyramid.Brought him to have his lunch. There, the other 4 including me, had Tako Tao (Zaza's treat). We had a long walk after that..till husain gave an idea to have some J-Co donuts. We plan to buy some frenship ring or something..but couldnt find anything within the short time left before we return back.So i brought all of them to my share-house.We had the J-co donuts, then Din ride us all to Puduraya bus station.

Share-house - "Umah sewa"

We captured some pictures,then left Farah n Zaza there waiting for their bus.Me,din n Husain went to shah alam to have our dinner there (Husain's treat this time). Actually we went to shah alam not just to have our dinner,but to drop husain there. n din return home..n had our sleep.

The day was fun n unforgetable. Plus,not to forget bout tiring.