Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Song that fit my mood~

Di sana pungguk menanti
Mengharap bulan membalas rindu di hati
Di sini aku berdiri
Menunggu penuh dengan kesabaran

Tanpa manis madah
Janji yang puitis
Tuk persembahan
Hanya ketulusan
Sekeping hati suci

Berikan kasih
Kalau itu yang kau mahu dari ku
Berikan cinta
Untuk membahagiakan hari mu
Sayang dirimu (menyayangimu)
Biarpun nafas ku sampai terhenti

Akan ku kota janji kita
Mendirikan Taj Mahal cinta
Seteguh kasih
Shah Jehan kepada Mumtaznya

Terasa indah pabila berdua
Semakin tiba saat bahagia
Merai cinta kita

p/s: now im in this mood..haha.. i like~ =)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Chase

Hmm,its been a while since i post something here,i guess its been a long time since i thought to text something bout my thoughts.So, here again, im sharing something to fellow readers.

I honestly think im special. As usual day, i dont chase something,i mean, i rarely chase something real hard. Its just my nature to be very lazy. But, one thing, i dont lose hope easily. Sry,off the topic.

Anyhow,i want to tell u guys,that i dont really appreciate something that i didnt hardly chase for. Do u guys really think u will appreciate something that easily obtained? I guess not. So, here start the situation,where i think, i pretty much like "the chase". I think i really need to find "the chase". I really need some challenge on myself. There it goes, i let myself in "the chase" situation.

So,i wont do any details on the story,but to share/ask u guys.. Sometime, they said that its just too boring without the chase. Its less appreciated. On the other hand, have we thought, what if something that we chase are not within our reach? Something that we'll never ever able to get?How's that sound? It's pretty hurt rite?

So, here i am, spending a lil time on this post,to share bout this thingy. Im no where close to give up as i rarely lose hope especially on myself. Again,here i am, wondering,thinking pretty hard on what shud i "do & dont"(s).

I pretty much understand how other people felt bout this,and yes...thanks for waking me up from my deep + sweet slumber. Im back in real action.

I promise u,there will be no me & u, but us.