Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I saw this on the net.

I guess this is where i start my "real" writings.
This is the first one.

In a virtual society..that had been made by other people.
they invite people to join.then..ya..as average people..they tend to join and just join..doing nuthing else.but,hey..its not their fault.its not like they ask people to let them join..they were asked to join..but sume people who joined,but didnt active aswell,they like to blame people..they said sumthing like
"Hey creator,just delete the group,even there are people joining,but they did nuthing" <<--so do you..what u did?other than blaming others? "we can do nuthing,they just dont do anything"<<-- omg..why create the group in the first place? there's more..but what im trying to say is..if u have tym to write some flamming or bashing post..why dont u use that tym to think of sumthing u better do for the group..other than WAITING or BASHING other people to start doing sumthing.

Why dont u give those people sumthing to do?sumthing to discuss there?maybe there are not like you guys,sum doesnt even know you in the real world..so,how do u think they can chat with you there freely?like you guys,who chat with your very own frens?

and now..when sumone volunteering to be the source of hatred..someone to be blame...someone there to change the way the group is,to get all the flamming and bashing direct to his face.what did this guys do?they just keep bashing and flamming..with another point such as
"why is ur game here not attractive?"
"This game is boring"

OMG~they never change did they?
I ban this people for not banning themselves.

p/s: The examples and such are just dummies. It has nuthing to do with real world.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Granpa's Precious

This is my granpa's glasses. Actually,i am talking bout the only unique one. He used it for about 6years. He still insist of wearing with that weird-handmade-cool-broken frame. yep! its originally not like that till the frame broke itself. Then, my granpa alter(shud i say repair?) it by himself and walla!!...it became sumthing like that. Not long after that, i took him to town and get him a new one.

How much do you guys thinkcan i sell it on ebay?
or maybe i would be sam widwicky in transformers? LOL

Otaku Burger

Have u seen this kinda of stall before? Did it happen to be any in ur place?
We (me n my fren) park the car along the road side,then we walk towards our dining place. On my way there, i saw this attractive burger stall. i captured some pics, i intend to show to my frens, but now i have a blog..maybe i shall fit it in here.

The day after tommorrow,we had our meal there..we ordered "chicken burger and Beef burger". and i was LOL!! it looks nuthing close to NARUTO or any other anime..it was just a plain healthy+vegies+beef burger. But, not to forget,it was delicious though.

They have "Naruto hot dogg", maybe if i ordered that..we would see sumthing's more OTAKU or NARUTO. (i hope so)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It all begins here

I guess this is where everyone introduce themselves

The name given LUKMAN HAKIM BIN OTHMAN. I was born on 14th june 1987 at Klinik Sambhi (anyone knew?) ,bangsar . Im from and currently staying in Terengganu. Im the 5th child in my family and the 2nd junior hero (son). I had more schools than average children. Maybe because we(my family and i) move a lot. My place of learning was Eugene Field school(1991-1993), Tadika Yayasan Islam Besut(1993), Tadika Durian Burung(1993), Sekolah Kebangsaan Pusat Chabang Tiga(1994-1999), Kolej Sains Pendidikan Islam Negeri Terengganu(2000), Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Sulaiman(2001-2004), Negeri Sembilan Matriculation College(2005/2006), and now in University of Malaya(2006-now).

I think i had enough narrating bout my past stories..Actually..im not good at all to tell people about me, but i'll try my best.Hope u guys who read it will help me with anything.Im here just to put my thoughts to be read.If u had anything,feel free to drop me comments.

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu