Thursday, April 16, 2009

My 2009 Sushi King RM2 Bonanza

I suppose that i shudnt be posting about this at this heck of time. I shud be studying for my final exam thats already in the corner of this next week.But nevermind,enough bout the exam thingy.i wudnt post bout wat my final exam's going to be or will be for now.

Last year,me and my sister (kak nini) went to sushi king rm2 bonanza accidently. We went to midvalley,and saw this long queue in front of both the LG and 3rd floor sushi king. We then went it at other place first (cant remember where). Then we deicde to go check there. So..there we go.. eating till our stomach full for the second time that night.Okay,im done narrating bout my lame past stories. ^_^

Today, Me and my 3 frens (Syahmie,Din and Nuha) went there at 5.30 p.m. We chose the ss14 PJ sushi king (near digital mall) to eat,because we think that there are less people there. and yup.we're no near wrong. We just went in and be seated.No waiting session. So,at first, we ate anything that satisfy our greed.  Not long after that, I noticed that there's no "purple" plate circulating around the kaiten belt. So we all stop or maybe slow down a bit. Hoping,waiting and praying for any tempura's out from the kitchen. Stunned! Lots of fried tempura's shrimps in a big bowl caught our view. We smiled while looking at each other's face.We all knew, that's what we're waiting and praying for. 

So we wait..Till they finished placing all the rice and Boiled shrimps on the red colour plate. Then, guess what..most customer were stunned and mumbling when purple stripe plate (indicating normal price treats) out and placed nicely by the chefs. Its when they prepare the sushi before they place it on the kaiten belt. Me and my frens kinda dissapointed thinking that Tempura's fried shrimps are going to be served with normal price. 

Luckily, they're actually preparing for something like Chuka Idako but no rice but replaced by sliced cucumber. Then again..we wait till they finish placing all the stripes purple belt on the kaiten belt. Gracefully purple plates are arranged on the chef's place. Tempura's Shrimp were being placed one by one on the rice. Then, they placed it on the kaiten belt fairly knowing that most customer there were eagerly waiting for it. At first i take 2 plates of tempuras shrimp and add another 2 sequelly. I finished all 4 plates of tempuras within less than 2 minutes. Beat that!

With full stomach, we paid and get our ass out. Syahmie brought us to digitall mall to repair something. I barely walked there. Not long after that. We rush back to 2nd kolej to drop syahmie continued our way back home in damansara (me and din).

Any of u had ur bonanza 2009 yet?hope so..cos today is the last day. Hope u guys like it as i do.
I present you, the most wanted and waited treat, Eby Fry (Fried tempura shrimps) :

btw: Me and din shared 1 plate of unagi. It shows that we both didnt like it.ughh~